"From the minute I walked in to Kids' Depot, I could "feel the love" and we've continued to feel that love throughout the entire 5 years that you've been caring for Alex. It is a wonderful thing that Kids' Depot has managed to maintain the same loving and caring atmosphere that children thrive in despite staff turnover and changes that are inevitable over time. I blieve that is no small measure due to your management and direction."



"A sincere and heart felt thank you for providing our children with support, guidance, and life lessons. The passion for your job and what you teach is contagious. Thank you for making Kids' Depot such a special place."


"Thank you so much for all you have done for us, and to Magille, for bending over backwards to accomodate my crazy school schedules! Jack has made some great friends, and learned so much while being at Kids' Depot. You all are great...keep doing what you're doing! You have made a HUGE difference in Jack and our lives!"



"We are so grateful for having had a wonderful place like Kids' Depot to be Ayla's "home away from home" for nearly 4 years! We appreciate and love all of Ayla's wonderful teachers and friends and the supportive community we've enjoyed for so long."




"Thank you for helping us nurture, educate, and entertain Ava for nearly four years. We are very grateful for all you've done for our family. You're a part of our lives.
Magille, I will never forget your caring on the first day I dropped Ava off for her first day in the Baby Room. You and Allison were so kind that you made me cry.
We have so many good memories with you and all the children in Ava's class. We'll never forget you - and we'll always be thankful we found Kids' Depot.




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